March 2015

Construction works are almost over for the KSU STADIUM IN RIYADH, Saudi Arabia and inauguration is underway. The first stadium to be built in the country since 1987, its development has conformed to specifications and requirements of the sport’s top governing bodies, including Fifa, to serve both the KSU team and host local, regional and international matches. The 24,000-seats stadium (for general viewers and VIP, with special enclosures for the royal family and 130 seats for wheel chair bound spectators) has 10 fast-food areas, a media center with facilities for TV and radio broadcast and two electronic screens.

The stadium structure, designed by American stadium experts 360 Architecture, has a metallic frame encased in a concrete wall. The metallic skin of the building is made with 14,500sqm Riverclack® 550 sheets, aluminum 0.7, bronze color, tapered on-site. The small openings on the sheets give the building its distinctive appearance, but also provide ventilation, and house special lighting that will emit the official colors of the participating teams.

The roofing is made with 12,300sqm Riverclack® 550 sheets, aluminum 0.7 bronze color, tapered on-site.