The Riverclack® standing seam metal roof system has one of the industry’s highest wind suction load resistances, unrivaled water tightness and a unique structural performance.

In our specially constructed airbag test, purpose designed plastic airbags were inflated under a mounted Riverclack® system to simulate the effects of a wind vortex passing over the roof. The unique side lap that locks the system together is largely responsible for the 7kN/m2 uplift load achieved.

Riverclack® panels made from the 5754 H18 aluminum alloy tested in our laboratory demonstrated a resistance to incredibly high point loads of up to 400kg without sustaining permanent deflection damage.

Water tightness has been tested according to the following ASTM standards:

ASTM E-1646-95 Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Metal Roof Panel Systems by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference: for this standard, water is sprayed at the exterior face of the panels simultaneously with the application of a static air pressure difference between the exterior and interior faces (pressure on the outside being kept higher).

ASTM E-2140-01 Test Method for Water Penetration of Metal Roof Panel Systems by Static Water Pressure Head: for this standard, the Riverclack® roof sample is subjected to a static water pressure head (determined by 150mm of water) applied to the outer face of the roof panel.