February 2018

The Simon Bolivar International Airport is the "doorway" to - and first taste of - Santa Maria for domestic and international passengers travelling through the most important city in the Magdalena Region in Colombia.

The key to the design of this project are the smooth surfaces of the main building and its curved roof with a curving radius descending more than 25 meters. A flexible thin material was used to create this effect, which also has exceptional performance specifications (in relation to its surface area). In fact, Riverclack standard aluminium sheets (thickness 0.7 mm) are self-curving, enabling them to adapt perfectly to the curvature of surface shapes (up to 25 meters radius), while a short radius curvature (up to 3 meters) can be obtained using a curving machine after the profiling stage.

In addition to its architectural prerequisites, noise pollution levels and energy consumption of the air conditioning system also had to be taken into consideration. The Riverclack standing seam system, combined with a specific build-up, enabled the building to reduce those values dramatically, whilst communicating a new high quality environmental consciousness to everyone passing through the airport (whether visitors or operators). Given the coastal location of Santa Marta and its airport (less than 50 meters from the sea), designers have chosen a special PVDF pre-painted aluminium as cover material. The 5754 H18 magnesium-based alloy used in the manufacturing of the Riverclack roof system is designed to be weatherproof, and in particular, sea salt corrosion resistant, which distinguishes it from other alloys commonly used for roofing structures.

DDesign: GPO
Contractor: Contein Sa
Local partner: Inare Ltda
Surface: 4.500 mq
System: Riverclack® 550, 0,7 mm Aluminum, RAL 9006
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